After my last entry, I began attending the local family (non-singles) ward. Everyone has been incredibly friendly, and I have met other gay folks who are returning to activity in the ward. I met with the bishop last Sunday and he welcomed me warmly. Yesterday, I was called and sustained as priesthood pianist.

I have begun the process of telling family members—both Mormon and non-Mormon—about my return. They are responding well so far. I know this is a big leap mentally for them, as they (and I) had placed me in the “non-Mormon” category in our minds for so long.

2 comments on “Progress

  1. Deni
    September 7, 2013

    In or out. Straight or gay. Mormon or non. I’m just not sure labels help us in any way. When everything has to be sorted, things become sordid. I have struggled with the concept of labeling lately because people close to me rely on them so heavily. It’s not just a church problem; it’s a universal problem.

    I wonder if, in a writers’ search for specificity, we don’t do more harm than good in attaching labels to all we observe. Perhaps we should rely more on the adage to “show, don’t tell” in our writing. Show who people are through description, actions, and stories, and let others draw their own conclusions, and label if they are so inclined. People are so much more than the labels given them.

    Oh, I wish you happiness in this life you are living. What I have observed from afar is a brilliant young man with a seemingly unlimited creative talent…whatever other labels you choose for yourself is your business. (((HUGS))) to you.

    • Denise
      September 7, 2013

      Sorry…Denise here! I hit return accidentally!

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