Clean date

On Saturday, I showed up to the new chapel at 9 AM to participate in our ward’s cleaning assignment. I vacuumed and changed trash bags in the classrooms and bathrooms.

I can report that I have a much greater appreciation for the work that goes into keeping a building clean. I must have previously thought that buildings magically clean themselves! It felt good to contribute and interact in goal-directed activity with other ward members.

I feel a greater sense of ownership in the building, not only because of the cleaning but because I have begun paying tithing. I think of tithing not only as a way of helping others who are less fortunate who may come to the church for assistance (i.e. “charity” in the best sense of the word) but also as a membership fee. I use the facilities so it is only right for me to contribute to their upkeep.

I noted with pleasure during the cleaning that there were equal numbers of men and women, and people volunteered for whichever duties they wanted, which did not seem to fall along any gender lines. Thumbs up!

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