On the Occasion of the True Marriage
Of My Good Friends Emmanuel and Courtney

Mnemosyne, Goddess of Memory,
Mother of the pink-ankled Muses who dance on Mount Helikon,
Sing through me this day, an epithalamion for the union of Emmanuel and Courtney.

Goddess, sing first of Emmanuel, born from an island sitting atop the broad back of the sea.
Dark, like the all-nourishing Earth, and lithe as the deer hunted by Artemis.
Aphrodite brought to him as a young man visions of beauty, fearlessness, and fierceness,
And graceful movements that transported him across the sea,
Flying over the cresting waves to a new home, a stranger in a strange land.

Sing also, Goddess, of Courtney, sprung forth from the union of two great houses:
The fair-skinned Germani, of odd predilection, and proud, warlike nature,
And the gentle mountain folk of Manti, collectors of dolls and multicolored cocks.
Growing up among the Mormons, Courtney rebelled against their ways.
Lost to himself, but ever mindful of the glory of his forebears,
He wandered from the mountains of Utah, across the vast expanse of prairie,
To the coastal lands of New England, embraced by the arms of the sea.

Sing now, Goddess, of the meeting of Emmanuel and Courtney,
Of the love that has sprung up between them:
Like Jonathan and David, whose love surpassed the love of women,
Like Achilles, whose rage at the death of Patroclus brought down the high towers of Troy,
Like Alexander, who erected numberless statues to the memory of his beloved Hephaestion,
Emmanuel and Courtney have found in their love an undiscovered country
And a new home.

Pour down upon these friends, Goddess, the ambrosia of true love, and
Unite their proud houses with the sound of trumpets and banners flying.

Mnemosyne, Goddess of Memory,
Mother of the pink-ankled Muses who dance on Mount Helikon,
As our lives unfold, year upon year, bring ever to our memory
The beauty of this day,
The joining of these lives,
The love of these men:
Emmanuel and Courtney.

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